Tennessee Fainting Goats,
Miniature Silky Fainters, and
Bernese Mountain Dogs. The

farm provides.
We really enjoy our animals and
sharing them with others. Over the
years we have had the opportunity to
meet so many great people that have
given our animals great homes and
we appreciate them. In recent years
we have also had the pleasure of
sharing our goats with Bill Green
do an article on our Fainting Goats
and Farm it was a great experience
and we
really appreciated the exposure of our
farm and goats.
Fainting Goat Article and Video.
Gift Certificate

             Dollar Amount

This Gift certificate entitles you to the purchase of ________________.
                                                     (two nigerian dwarf does)
This Gift certificate is redeemable in the amount of ____________
                                                      (dollar amount)
We do Maine State Open Farm day every year we usually have at least 500
guests and we are always looking for others who want to come to our farm
and participate. so if you have Farm animals (need to be approved before coming)
or a farm and or anything related to farms (example artists that do farm
scenes or books that are farm related, vegetables, etc...). Also any Maine Made
products please email me so we can talk further. Open Farm day is every July.
Last year we had 10 vendors here and it was a great day of fun. we do not
2010 Open Farm Day had 800 Guest and 12 Vendors, it was a great success.
2011 Open Farm Day Had 1100+ Guests and 12 Vendors, another success.

Derilyn Nelson and Shawn Gregory
335 Pond Rd
Newcastle Maine 04553

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Stones Edge Farm is a small Farm
located in Midcoast Maine. The farm
is set on 27 acres of open rolling and
mostly cater to horses, Nigerian Dwarf
and Pygmy goats  and of course our
our House is under construction